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Our Commitment
To Responsible Business Practices

FSC’s commitment to responsible business is rooted in our Purpose. Our Purpose defines who we are and why we exist. Our Shared Values describe how we live our Purpose, and our Global Principles ofBusiness Conduct explain our ethical commitments.

This document outlines the responsible business principles we believe in and the commitments we have made. These are embedded in our policies and inform our decision making.

Our Beliefs and Commitments

We believe …

  • … all people have fundamental human rights, including the right to equal treatment under the law, freedom of mobility, and other rights as outlined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights.


  • … in fostering an inclusive environment where people are treated with respect and dignity, without unlawful discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, gender identity, or sexuality.


  • … people flourish best in workplaces where they feel safe and valued. Work environments should be harassment-free and support physical and mental well-being. Security measures should address physical safety and personal privacy.


We are committed to …

  • … continuous talent development to grow leaders for the future, build world-class capabilities for maximum client impact, and consistently deliver an exceptional development experience to our people.


  • … equal opportunity, fair pay practices, and fostering an inclusive culture. We strive to attract, retain, and advance a diverse workforce. We firmly prohibit unlawful discrimination in our working environments. Our ALL IN strategy is focused on advancing the representation and retention of women and underrepresented minorities within FSC, particularly at leadership levels.


  • … safe and healthy work environments where people treat each other with respect, courtesy, and fairness. We firmly prohibit all forms of harassment. We understand well-being is important in a high-performance culture and strive to give our people the support and flexibility they need. We address the physical security of our workforce through our office and travel practices. We have policies and follow processes that address privacy and the use of personal information.


We believe …

  • … business has a purpose beyond profit and should play an essential role in improving society, including advancing economic opportunity and promoting fair business practices.


  • … business should be conducted ethically and within the bounds of applicable laws and regulations, and it should support the elimination of corruption and financial crime.


  • … business shares a responsibility to address climate change and preserve the planet and natural resources for future generations. Technologies and practices should be implemented to abate emissions, preserve biodiversity, conserve resources, and reduce waste.


We are committed to …

  • … ethical behavior and integrity, which are fundamental and nonnegotiable. We educate all FSC professionals on ethics and integrity and adhere to robust regulatory compliance, anti-corruption, and ethics policies.


  • … social mobility and helping people left behind by the technological advances of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through por team, we use our professionals’ skills and our resources to help people to develop job skills, improve educational outcomes, and access opportunities to succeed in this new economy.


We believe …

  • … businesses are known by the company they keep. They should consider responsible business conduct when making decisions about whom they build relationships with and the context of those relationships.


We are committed to …

  • … making informed and deliberate choices about client acceptance and engagements. Policies and frameworks require member firms to regularly assess client associations and engagements and consider the demonstration of responsible business conduct.


  • … evaluating suppliers and other third-party relationships, including alliances and ecosystems, through direct interaction, appropriate requirements, and screening. Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out responsible business expectations for FSC suppliers.


We support the principles and standards for responsible business conduct espoused in several international instruments, including:


FSC abides by local laws in the locations it does business. In some places, our commitments and beliefs may conflict with government policies or certain societal or cultural practices. In these cases, we consider how we can use our spheres of influence to further positive change.

Our responsible business commitments are overseen by the FSC Risk, Regulatory, and Public Policy leader, with support from the Regional and Local Compliance Officer.

FSC offers specific channels for reporting incidents that appear to demonstrate irresponsible business conduct. We firmly prohibit retaliation against those who report in good faith or who otherwise participate in related investigations. Our ethics reporting channels are available to FSC professionals and we also provide a reporting channel for third parties.


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