Land of opportunity

Trade agreements make Mexico a global hub of activity

Why Mexico?

Mexico offers investors and businesses a land of opportunity that rivals any other emerging market. It’s one of the most competitive countries for investments at an international level thanks to its political and macroeconomic stability, size, and strength of its internal market, and unfluctuating inflation.

To make itself more attractive to investors, the Mexican government has made improvements to its infrastructure and fostered competition in sectors such as transportation, energy and telecommunications. By opening its borders, Mexico has become a global manufacturing base, with strong links to consumer.

One of the biggest changes has been its trade policies. Mexico has signed trade agreements with many nations, positioning itself as one of the most open countries for international trade with preferential access to potential consumers.


Mexico also offers a strategic location and proximity to the main consumption centres of the world; this allows more companies to respond quickly to changes in demand and reduce cost of inventories. What’s more, the price of labour has remained stable over the last decade while the cost of wages in other countries’ factories has quintupled.

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