HR and Payroll It starts with a decision – ‘we want to expand our business’, ‘we want to employ the best talent no matter where they are located in the world’ or even ‘I just need a new supplier to pay my people effectively’.

So as a HR and Payroll professional the challenge begins in trying to understand ‘the how’ – which processes and legislation do you need to follow in foreign countries to employ and pay your staff, whilst being compliant? But you are not alone… as it’s the same challenge whether you are a small start-up or employ thousands of people across the world.

So it’s essential to find the right solution to meet your business requirements. This could be in the shape of basic HR administrative services helping with contracting, work permits and visas, to processing local payroll or delivering a global payroll service supported by technology, with the potential option of integrating with existing payroll related systems you may have within your business.

At FSC Tax&Legal we make it our business to keep up-to-date with market changes through our wholly local office network. We provide HR and Payroll services in country, in local language and in line with local laws and customs and we are focussed on helping you stay compliant, so you can focus on your core business.

Our services and products are specifically designed to be scalable to adapt to your business. Find out more about our Accounting and Bookkeeping services
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