Tax Compliance


Colombia is politically divided (territorially) as follows: (i) the nation, (2) departments and (3) municipalities. Depeneds on the type of business,    
a Company/individual must be in compliance with several tax returns as follows:    
1.    National Tax:
a.    VAT (Value Added Tax)
b.    Income Tax and Complementary
c.    Stamp Tax (Currently the tarif is 0%)
d.    Net Equity Tax (One Time Tax - the last one was enacted on last 2011)
e.    Withholding Tax Return
2.    Departmental Taxes
a.    Consumption Tax
b.    Registration Tax
c.    Vehicle Tax
3.    Municipal Taxes
a.    Industry and Commerce Tax (ICA)
b.    Property Taxes
c.    Urban delineation Tax
There are various types of taxation in Colombia which are listed below:     
a.    Taxes
b.    Tax rates
c.    Special Contributions
d.    Parfiscal Contributions
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