• Tax Bill in Colombia

    On last October 4th 2012, our local Tax Authority (DIAN) introduced in Congress the 2012 Colombian Tax Reform Bill proposing sustancial changes in income tax treatment for all tax payers (corporations and individuals). This local tax bill includes material changes in conection with transfer pricing matters that will impact foreign companies and individuals with foreign investment in Colombia. Colombian congress is currently working on this tax bill and the approval is expected to be completedas of 01st Jannuary 2012.
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  • Corporate Compliance

    Keeping a corporate compliance program is part of your business planing. Currently foreing investors in Colombia must be in compliance with several reports in taxes, corporate, exchange market, immigration, social security, labor amog other matters. Our guide helps companies be in compliance with all local local statutory reporting.
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  • Immigration Compliance Program

    A lot of of people travel to Colombia each year to work, visit, study, or settle permanently. Not all the people are fully in compliance with their visa conditions and with departmental requirements. It certanly will be a serious issue for a foreign investor as Colombian employer. With a immigration compliance program, foreign investors and individuals will be able to managing compliance issues such as get a work visa, business visa, technical permision, local regitration and other immigration required reports.
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  • Labor and Social Security Compliance

    Foreign employees/individuals face certain obstacles to keep a normal routine when decide arrive to Colombia to start a project. Issues like tax income, tax equalization analisys, tax residence, payroll taxes, social security charges, bank account issues, relocation, schooling, will be handling easelly by our specialists.
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  • Supporting your Business

    In today`s Foreign investors must contend with an ever-changing number of compliance requirements. Our Firm is focused to prevent your business is not in Compliance, specialists are available to supporting your business.
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